8 Yummy Foods K-Dramas Make Us Want To Eat

Watching Korean dramas is not always about the emotions – food is also a large component which soothes depression or feeds happiness. While watching K-dramas, here are a few foods that consistently make viewer mouths drool!

1. Bibimbap (비빔밥)

Bibimbap (비빔밥)

This beautiful Korean lunch-in-a-bowl mixes together a simple salad of rice, mixed vegetables, rice, beef, and egg, with sesame oil and a dollop of chili paste for seasoning.

2. Ramyeon (라면)

Ramyeon (라면)

Ramyeon is both delicious and is probably the most commonly eaten food in K-dramas. This dish can easily be complimented with a supply of eggs, glutinous rice, and toast.

3. Korean BBQ

Korean BBQ

These freshly grilled seasoned meats eaten with a lettuce wraps and a sea of sides bring together friends and family. Galbi (갈비), a beef, chicken or pork rib and Bulgogi (불고기), delicious sweet, savory, and soft slice of beef, are the typical main meats in Korean BBQ. Don’t forget the Soju!

4. Kimbap (김밥)

Kimbap (김밥)

Sautéed vegetables, ground beef, sweet pickled radish, and rice are rolled and tightly wrapped in a sheet of seaweed (gim), and then sliced into bite-sized circles. Looks like sushi but yummier!

5. Bingsu (빙수)

Bingsu (빙수)

This delectable summer dessert includes sweetened red beans (pat) and tteok which are served on a bed of shaved ice (bingsu). Variations will include condensed milk, misutgaru, syrup, ice cream, and corn flakes.

6. Kimchi bokkeumbap (김치볶음밥)

Kimchi bokkeumbap (김치볶음밥)

Bokkeumbap, or Korean-style fried rice, is a simple dish that almost everyone loves. Kimchi Bokkeumbap can be dressed up with beef, a sunny-side-up egg, and cheese or can be as simple as just kimchi.

7. Korean fried chicken (양념 치킨)

Korean fried chicken (양념 치킨)

After trying this, KFC (Kentucky Friend Chicken) will be known as the other KFC (Korean Fried Chicken). This fried chicken has to be tasted to be believed. When a bite into this piece of chicken is initially met with a sticky, sweet, spicy red sauce. This then leads to the most incredibly moist and flavorsome chicken inside. Don’t forget the beer!

8. Ddukbokkie (떡볶이)

Ddukbokkie (떡볶이)

Ddukbokkie is the delicious smell of Korean cities at night or near schools. In large Korean cities like Seoul, the streets are filled with vendors selling their own special recipe versions of the most popular street food including sliced fish cakes and boiled eggs. So spicy and chewy!

Have you ever craved any of the foods on this list? What other foods have K-dramas made you want to devour?


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